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REMOTE, OFFSITE BACKUP!  By listening to our customers and seeing a great need, Prominent has launched our Remote Data Backup service for automated offsite backup that is safe and secure.




Est. 1999
Pursuing a Second Decade of Excellence


Our service offerings have developed from years of listening to our customers and trying to do right by them.  Each customer is a vital relationship, and personal, efficient service is our calling.

Software Development
Prominent develops shrink-wrapped and custom software solutions that solve business problems.  Our team listens carefully to your needs and delivers reliable products that you can count on.  

Website Development
We approach web design from a software perspective.  Great graphics mean nothing if the web visitor can't find what they are looking for.   With every project, we make the site fit the business, not the other way around.  And we give them great graphics to boot!

Consulting Services
Prominent serves a wide-range of customers at different levels of needs.  Too small to hire in-house technical staff? We can help.  Our project history is extensive and every customer is important to us...large or small.


Remote Data Backup
Safe and Secure Off-site Backup for your network. Details

Remote Application Portal
applications to remote users.

Web and Email Hosting
Flexibility, reliability and managed for your needs. | Details

Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Email
Send secure, encrypted email to your recipients | Details

Spam and Virus Protection
Reliable, low-false positives and high customer satisfaction
. | Details | Request an Quote


Hardware Sales: Dell Workstations and Servers
Experience helps us design the right solution for you.

Networking Design
We navigate TCP/IP, VPNs, T-1s, DSL, CAT-5, Routers, Firewalls, Switches and more.


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